At JL Works & Design we combine furniture restoration and creativity to build distinctive, vintage-modern furniture. 

JL Works & Design is a combination of irrepressible spirit and a love of the history of the world that surrounds us. Each custom furniture piece we make is truly unique, with decades and decades of history. Our purpose is to bring each piece back to life so their story can be told and their beauty enjoyed for many decades to come.  


About Lex

Lex is Australian-born, a wandering traveler and forever curious about the world around her. 

She has been in love with furniture since a child and bought her first furniture design book at 8 years old. Lex came to woodworking through boat building - which creates lots of avenues for incorporating curves and unique design features into her work. 

About Jessica

Jessica is a Grand Haven native who has a love for combining history and story-telling. As a social worker and pastor she knows how valuable our stories can be. 


Her goal with each piece of furniture is to keep alive families, friends, areas, and eras stories and honor them by rehabilitating and repurposing irreplaceable antiques. Driven by her passion for people, she takes great joy in the work that JL Works & Design does.


Jessica manages business matters, marketing, and sales for JL Works & Design.


Together we brainstorm creative ideas and take great glee in collecting random pieces of history.