Restoring Great Aunt Helen

History. Rehabilitated.

This truly stunning phonograph is named Great Aunt Helen - in honor of her first owner. Not much is known about the original Great Aunt Helen except she was born in Lawrence and lived in the Kalamazoo region. Nonetheless, her descendants faithfully kept Helen's prized phonograph, even as technology overtook it.


The Victrola Model VV-XIV was launched in 1914 and this particular item was produced in 1915. It sold for approximately $250 dollars at the time, which in today's money would cost the first time buyer well over $2000. 

Sadly Helen's phonograph has not sung in many decades and the finish on this gorgeous, solid mahogany piece is starting to show its 100+ years of life. We have been commissioned to restore this beautiful piece to its full glory and bring her voice back to life.