Commissions & Creations

We are fortunate to have acquired of 245 linear feet of reclaimed wood with incredible historic value. The wood is the original floor joists of the Aldrich Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The building, and hence the joists, date back to at least 1869. This beautiful building is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. 

If you are interested in having a custom-made piece of furniture that has history and character in every fiber, reach out! We have already made dining tables and console tables from this incredible historic lumber. Each piece comes with an engraved plaque identifying the history and source of the wood to ensure its historical integrity is maintained. 


Vintage modern creativity

In addition to the amazing historic lumber we use for commissions, our creativity takes us down unique and unexpected pathways. A sample of our completed works is shown below. Some of these pieces were commissions and others were built purely because we looked at them and thought "ooooohhhh I wonder if.....". Sometimes that's the most exciting thought to have when looking at pieces of history. 


Washing Machine Coffee Table
Rail Cart Dining Table
Yardstick Kitchen Island Bench
Restored Vintage Steamer Trunk