Remington Console Bar 

History. Rehabilitated.

This unique console bar features restored, vintage Remington ammunition boxes and wine/liquor bottle storage. The Remington ammunition boxes date to between 1933-1945, after the Remington Arms Company was acquired by Dupont. The restoration of each crate takes between 10-20 hours of detailed cleaning and retouching. The rest of the bar is constructed from reclaimed barn wood, which again takes many hours of cleaning and preparation to be usable. 

​With twisted rebar legs, this piece is both vintage modern and highly sophisticated. The console bar has horizontal storage for 6 bottles, sized to fit most wine bottles and fifths of liquor. The Remington boxes comfortably fit bottles up to 13" tall, providing space for larger bottles. The shelving provides numerous options for displaying glass and barware, allowing you to personalize this piece and truly reflect your tastes.