Phonograph Bar - The Earl Fuller

History. Rehabilitated.

In a tribute to late 1910s jazz, we have named this soon to be beautiful piece the "Earl Fuller". Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band  recorded the hit song "Beale Street Blues" in 1917, around the same time that this phonograph was made.


 This oak veneered Silvertone phonograph was made between 1916 and 1920 by Sears Roebuck. The Model X Phonograph was Sears Roebuck's first venture into producing their own phonographs, declaring that they could produce the same quality as competitors at more affordable prices for loyal customers. 

Sadly the Earl Fuller hasn't performed in a long time, so rather than restoration we decided the rehabilitation was the best option to bring it back to life. The Earl Fuller will be transformed from its current sad state into a gorgeous, modern bar. And to ensure the nearly hundred years' worth of history of sound and song is maintained, the final bar will feature the turn table, crank, and tone arm with the original makers mark preserved. 

The Earl Fuller is available for pre-purchase.