Historic Reclaimed Wood Console Table

History. Rehabilitated.

This console table is made from wood with an incredible history. In 1869 the Aldrich Building was build in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 150 year old building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. In 2013 it underwent an extensive internal renovation to bring it into the modern era and transform the run down building into a key part of the vibrant downtown commercial district. The building now houses Madcap Coffee - a local Grand Rapids coffee roastery. 

This console table is made from the original floor joists of the historic building rescued during the restoration project. Each joist is unique and tells an intriguing story. The original 1800 nails are still embedded in many places, and the marks and scars of construction are clearly visible. At some stage a fire damaged the building, and this to0 is recorded in the appearance of the wood. We work through multiple rounds of stabilization with epoxy and sanding to product a final product that is fit for use and also preserves the incredible history of the piece. 

We have a large collection of joists and can customize the table to your needs - both in terms of height and length. Please contact us to discuss your needs!