Vintage Beer Crate Coolers

History. Rehabilitated.

In a tribute to the original Beer City of Grand Rapids, we collect vintage beer crates and bring them back to life. Each crate tells a story of pre-1900 and early 1900 American beer brewing. The beer crates come from across the mid-west, and from both coasts - it is a collection of true American brewing history.

The delicate work of restoring these crates is complimented by the ingenuity of turning pieces of history into functional modern day coolers. Each crate is insulated and water resistant, making a stylish and functional addition to the party. 

The price varies for each box and brand, by how rare they are, their condition and the work involved in restoring them. If you're interested in owning a piece of history with a great modern purpose - reach out to us! We have a large catalogue of restored crates that are just waiting for their new life to begin.