Vintage Modern Furniture

History. Rehabilitated.

Our portfolio of completed works is diverse (some might say eclectic!) and distinctive. We track down pieces that have a story and then spend many hours scrubbing away the dirt and grime of decades of neglect. Every piece is unique and our focus is on imaging a new future for them that showcases their beauty and enables their stories to be told for decades to come. 


Railcart Table

This unique kitchen table is made from a converted rail cart dating to 1908. Many original markings were recovered, adding to the authenticity of the piece. 


Yardstick Island Bench

Made from over 30 vintage yard sticks (and a LOT of epoxy), this kitchen island bench is a unique tribute to the past and future of Grand Rapids. 


WWII Officer's Field Desk End/Side Table

This WWII Field Officer's desk has been restored and converted into a gorgeous mid-century modern side/end table with fantastic industrial style vibes. ​


Reclaimed Wood Console Bar

Made from 140+ year old lumber reclaimed from the historic Aldrich Building in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. 


1800s Washtub Cooler

Dating to the late 1800s, this is one of the earliest 'mechanical' washing machines. In its new life, it has been converted to a fully insulated and waterproof cooler. 


Steamer Trunk

Dating to the early 1900s, these trunks are a memento of a bygone era of travel. Lovingly restored, this century old trunk now serves as a stunning blanket box. 


Washtub Coffee Table Set

Over 130 years old, this manual washtub has been converted into a coffee table and matching side table.