Vintage & Restored Steamer Trunk 

History. Rehabilitated.

The original trunk dates to between the 1910-1920s. The Rauchbach & Goldsmith Company of New Jersey originally started producing trunks in the late 1800s during the golden era of glamorous travel, then continued production until around the end of World War 2. The progressive transition to air travel and decline of long haul travel by sea reduced the demand for the large steamer trunks.


During its heyday in the roaring 20s, the Rauchbach & Goldsmith Co were awarded two patents for the hinge and locking mechanisms of their trunks. Reflecting how competitive this market was in the early decades of the 1900s, these patents were fought out in court between the other leading trunk manufacturer, the Seward Trunk & Bag Co. 


Although the heyday of steamer trunk travel has passed, these trunks retain their enduring appeal as romantic reminders of a bygone era. They also retain their beauty and heavy duty functionality. This trunk has been given a thorough overhaul, rewinding decades of neglect to transform it into a beautifully restored piece of furniture.  In addition to repairing and restoring the trunk body, all metal trim and mechanisms have been refinished. The trunk has been lined top & bottom with aromatic cedar to reinforce the original structure, protect blankets and materials against bugs and pests and just to smell glorious every time the top is opened. 


The large size of the trunk provides for extensive storage, it looks gorgeous and smells stunning. In any form of use, this trunk is a beautiful and functional addition to the home.

Dimensions: 21" wide x 34" long x 23" high.​