The Walter Teague Radio Bar

History. Rehabilitated.

This beautiful radio was produced in 1934 by the Sparton (Sparks-Withington) Company. The Sparks-Withington Company was founded in 1900 in Jackson, Michigan, where it continued to operate until 2009. The Sparton company went through many transformations over its 120 year history and, unlike many early manufacturers, remains in existence although no longer producing radios for retail use. 

In the 1930s, Sparton Co teamed up with noted Art Deco designer, Walter Dorwin Teague, to produce radios that became the must have status symbol of the decade. This particular piece, the Superheterodyne Model 224, featured some of the most advanced radio technology of the era along with oversized speakers for enhanced audio experience.


The Art Deco aesthetic is emphasized in the use of geometric lines, reinforced by gorgeous inlaid marquetry. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to the finish on this beautiful piece. The second photo shows the true color of the mahogany veneer, giving hints of how stunning the Walter Teague will look when it is transformed into a cocktail bar.  

The Walter Teague Radio Bar will feature two shelves, a wine glass rack and a glass face plate. The original 1934 dials and tuning plate will be retained to ensure the piece's proud history continues. 

The Walter Teague is available for pre-purchase.