WWII Officer's Field Desk Side/End Table

History. Rehabilitated.

This piece started life in WW2 as a US Army officer's field desk. After WWII ended it became part of the US' civil defense supply cache, kept in reserve in case of future nuclear war. By the time it came into our hands it had spent decades in an underground bunker, all original military markings were covered over in white paint and was well and truly in disrepair. We spent many, many, hours stripping off the paint and removing the cracked and decaying exterior lining. To our surprise we recovered the original field markings of the crate beneath layers of paint and mold. 

Of course having found these original markings, we absolutely had to showcase them in the final piece. What came to us as a, quite literally, decaying bland mess is now a remarkable side/end table. It features extensive storage and has been mounted on twisted 1/2" metal, hair pin legs. The hand-made legs give the piece a striking mid-century modern/industrial feel and complement the history of the table.